Welcome to SGT’s state-of-the-art automated practice target range.


It is completely unique as there is nothing else quite like it that offers you the same level of ‘game-play’, (outside of gaming sites), while honing your shooting skills and reaction time.

There are currently three modes of ‘game-play’, PRACTICE, SINGLE PLAYER and DUAL PLAYER (either simultaneous or individual). Each mode employs back-lit targets that illuminate at random and the shooter has a limited time on each target to score a hit.

It is fast paced and competitive, (if you are playing against an opponent), to obtain either the highest score or fastest time! Each player’s score is displayed via the on-screen display and also via a large LED scoreboard, (so there is no hiding your score from anyone!).

Think you’re a sharp shooter, this system will test your skill, accuracy and reaction timing to the limit. Future development is planned for an additional level of ‘game-play’ which will further test your abilities, stay tuned for the ultimate level !!

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